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Elderly Projects

Fund Raising Project of Long-term Care Education Building

   It is inevitable that Taiwan is marching toward an aging society. Creating a sustainable future care system is what we are considering. Since in Japan and in Europe the idea of an individual, community and small-scale care is being promoted, we realize that providing care for people living in remote areas requires not only an infrastructure, but utilize local human resources. Thus, we put emphasis on the improvement of care quality and personnel trainings. “Let us take care of our own elders” is our mission. We aim for cultivating excellent care givers, supporting and teaching family care givers to give the elderly a friendly, amicable ... 《Read More》


Elderly Story

Mr. X: An Eligible Bachelor A 58-yeat-old recycling volunteer, Mr. X’s family has all died, having no relatives and friends. Living in a shabby old little house with piles of canned food ...《Read More》
Training Long-term Carers For the elderly who live in remote areas, there could hardly have any accessibility to healthcare and long-term carers. In view of this, the Quixotic Implement...《Read More》
Grandma Xu’s Lohas Village: Day Care Center “Since my sons and daughters came with me the first time in March to Lohas Village, it is agreed unanimously to let me stay here...《Read More》
Helping Grandpa Shih: Quixotic Spirit Grandpa Shih has been taking care of Grandma Shih, who underwent a stroke for more than 10 years. The work took him a lot of time, so that ... 《Read More》