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Aboriginal Projects

Medical Services in Remote Areas:
Mobile Clinics in Mountainous Regions of Central Taiwan

Mobile clinics for aborigines in the mountainous areas of central Taiwan first started by Dr. Wei Sheih and maintained by Puli Christian Hospital till the present day. In order to ensure the well-being of the people in the remote Ren-Ai areas, the Ministry of Health commissioned PCH to carry out a number of health care plans, all of which help to .... 《Read More》


Aboriginal Story

Mobile Clinics in Remote Areas of Central Taiwan Puli Christian Hospital has been dedicated in providing mobile clinics in remote areas of central Taiwan for a long period of time...《Read More》
Long-term Carer Training Since 2011, the Quixotic Implement Foundation was commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to hold long-term carer training courses...《Read More》
偏鄉長期照護研習溫馨情 基金會在民國100年接受衛生署委託,辦理「偏遠地區(含山地離島)長期照護人員培訓課程,共舉辦三場,第一場選在埔里基督教醫院辦理,這也算是行政院衛生署,對中部偏遠地區的關切...《Read More》
PCH: A Big Family of Love Fourty years ago, an American missionary, Steve Ray came to Taiwan with his wife Karen Ray to do missionary work and to teach English...《Read More》